Who are the “Ugly People?”

In the Third Chapter of, “To Dance with Ugly People” – Sanga – The Chase. – Gay and flirtatious first romance. I reflected on some on my experiences during the 1967 Detroit Riots. Detroit, a city in which I grew up.
I used “The Riots” and my experiences to give my protagonist, Dani Ransom, a reason to make an emotional decision. Important, because an emotional decision may use a tiny bit of logic but the main driving force is the emotion, which often overrides logic completely or uses a pseudo-logic to support the emotional choice. Of course Dani was too young and too naive to know that.
In lieu of the Ferguson, Missouri Riots – St. Louis, just outside of Ferguson being a city in which I was born and lived my early years – I see history repeating itself. It puzzles me as to why the human race can’t learn from past mistakes. No one wins! “Riots” leave a profound implication of a crime ridden community for the affected cities in the decades to follow. Unrest takes decades from which to recover. Looting and arson in the 1960s wiped out entire business districts in black neighborhoods. One district right behind the house where I lived. When History repeats itself, Who are the “Ugly People?” Everybody? I am personally a fanatic, over analyzing everything I do, in an effort to never make the same mistake twice.
I agree with what Activist Jerry G. Watts said after the 1992 Los Angeles riot:s “rioting is not a democratic act. … Had the rioters polled their neighbors they may have discovered that the majority of the local residents, who were not participants in the rioting, did not want their neighborhood burned down.”
Read “To Dance with Ugly People,” for a tiny glimpse into the mind of a young girl caught up in chaos.


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