“Criminal Minds”

You are going to find an element of “Criminal Minds” in, “To Dance with Ugly People,” Chapter Five – Bewa – Communicate Social Control. – Beginning and end of rainy season.

Have you ever been knocked off your feet by human behavior? Read how the “Rug was pulled out from under” Dani Marie Ransom’s feet in Chapter Five.

I am not a fan of police procedural television, but I accidentally ran across an episode of, “Criminal Minds,” and have been knocked off my feet every time I watch. The show’s portrayal of the criminal element in society pulls the rug out from under you. It makes you double check your locked doors at night.

It is an American police-procedural television program, so if you are reading this from another country, you may not be familiar. The series follows a team of pro filers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) based in Quantico, Virginia. The BAU is part of the FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime.

The show differs from many procedural dramas by focusing on profiling the criminal, called the unsub or “unknown subject”, rather than the crime itself. I love it because I have always wondered what makes people, “tick.” What makes people do the things they do? And, so does Dani in, “To Dance with Ugly People.”

After I cringe at the horrific serial killers and crimes, I can relax watching my two favorite characters: Special Agent, Derek Morgan is the shows eye candy. He’s pleasing to look at. And, Penelope Garcia who is the fun, outrageously, shocking computer genius in the BAU. She submitted her resume to the (BAU) on pink stationery. Garcia (as they call her) is perfect for balancing out the dark topics and relieving the emotional strain of the crimes depicted. And, Derek’s emotionally intimate but so far platonic relationship with Garcia is delightful.

It is a kind relationship providing nearly as much tension and suspense as the serial killers they track week after week. You know her neon-polished fingers are going to be the ones doing the pushing, keeping Derek going, because, well, what woman doesn’t want to hear such a gorgeous man utter the immortal words, “Woman, you are my God-given solace. Don’t you ever stop talking to me.”
Well, my dear fans, keep pushing, “You are my God-given solace. Don’t you ever stop talking to me.”

– Lorene Stunson Hill –


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