Ghosts in The Room

What ghosts will Dani Marie Dobson Ranson carry for the rest of her life in Chapter Six of, “To Dance with Ugly People?” Wali – Tough Dance. – Work Dance – Strength

Some experiences in life are so harrowing we carry them for the rest of our lives. Have you had such an experience? Compare yours to Dani’s as you “white knuckle” grip your seat through Chapter Six.

Ponder the eloquent words of Author Jenny Dunbar who penned “Sweet Earth.” “And what of the ghosts in the room? They vanish with their season, set free by their carriers who become as silent as ghosts themselves. Lifted up with the chatter into the air, becoming semi decipherable echoes of experience and function. Flights of perfumed innuendo and shadow.”

Powerful thoughts, Jenny! I felt goosebumps as I read. The “ghosts in the room” are Dani’s memories and they do seem to vanish until she sees a familiar face, standing there silently, catches a whiff of a familiar scent, or jolts awake from the chatter of a nightmare. All bringing back the “echoes of experience.” Thank you Jenny for the inspiration I needed to write this blog.

My harrowing experience? I experienced the Dani Marie Ransom’s life you read in Chapter Six! Where are my ghosts? As Jenny states, “becoming semi decipherable echoes of function.” They became the thought waves of baffling tragedy, and to some probably indecipherable (Are they Ugly?). They created an image to which I functionally portrayed on the pages of Chapter Six of, “To Dance with Ugly People!”

Get your copy and keep what you read in the “shadows” of your mind!

– Lorene Stunson Hill –


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