He Walked On His Toes.

Agbaei – Courtship. – Youthful problems with dating. – Chapter Eight

Have you ever done something dangerous in the name of Courtship and Romance? I think we all have had that youthful problem with Dating – Being Young and Stupid. Many years ago I sat at a table in the Cafe – Barnes & Noble reading a Self Help Book Titled, “How to Be Your Own Best Friend,” deciding if I would buy it – I did. A gentleman slid into the seat across from me, at my table, and spoke. “I’ve been watching you from across the room. What is it about that book that intrigues you so?”

As I stared straight into his dark brown eyes, I thought, “None of your business!” But, he was the most gorgeous black man! I was hypnotized. “I feel I am lacking when it comes to self assurance and self love.” I said. I couldn’t believe I’d answered in such a personal way. He was staring back, tenderly, he said, “I find that hard to believe.” I blushed. He smiled with sparkling white teeth, and what he said next knocked me off my feet.
“Let’s buy the book and we will talk about it later. I want to get to know you. I am in this country for one year only. I am leaving this country in one year – Alone. I am born and raised in France. My mother is an African American and father White French. I am here to travel all over and get to know America. I have lived in 16 states over the last two years but will be here, in this city, one year to earn more money. I have a large home in France. I have horses in which my grown children are taking care of. I am a Hair Dresser and going to ride around town and pick up supplies. Would you ride with me?

I did. Who jumps in the car with a total stranger! I did. He could have been a rapist, a serial killer or a strangler! But, I went for that ride and we were together for one year! Ladies, don’t try this at home.

I had a wonderful year. He walked on his toes, meditated every Sunday for 8 hours in a dark closet, practiced Ta Chi at 5 a.m., in the morning, on his balcony in bright white pajamas. Exotic pictures of African princesses hung on every wall including the bathroom and he could tell you of all his foreign travels, their customs and his stay at a Monastery, so eloquently, you’d fail to realize 8 hours had gone by. On a trip back home, when he returned, he brought me boxes of exotic chocolates.

When he did return, he called my job just before noon and whispered in the telephone, “Go to your boss, tell her you have to leave. Come to me right now.” Within 15 minutes, I was driving to his Apartment. On the outside of his Apartment door was the Ying and Yang Symbol. And, on the other side of that door was Magic!


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