Do you understand the concept of, “Ugly People,” and/or the “Dance” of Life?”

I always write on my second novel, “Ugly People Can’t Dance,” as much as I possibly can. I am not “fixed” on that Title, though, because I am using “Ugly People,” and “Dance,” again. Why? The, “To Dance with Ugly People,” story carries on and you met my main character, “Niecy,” in, “To Dance with Ugly People,” plus I have a slight fear of those who don’t get the concept of Ugly People nor the Dance.

Reading Jenny’s Blog, I related completely to her use of “knitting,” As she states, “We all have techniques that we feel comfortable with and come to trust.” In a prior conversation with John Lock, Publisher, (who was curious as to how far I’d gotten in writing my second book) I stated my writing is like putting puzzle pieces together. I just create the pieces and as time goes on begin to slide them into the different areas of the big story puzzle as they fit. I can’t even explain how that actually works, as eloquently as Jenny describes her “knitting,” but it does work for me. As Jenny referred to, I also wake up in the middle of the night and struggle with fitting the pieces of the story in, or to create a new piece or to struggle with what direction my storyline is going. But, I carried around the title, “To Dance with Ugly People,” for years before I ever wrote a single word. Not so with, “Ugly People Can’t Dance,” I struggle with that.

I’ve also found that occasionally the public does not understand the concept of, “Ugly People,” or the “Dance.” A few want to laugh. One example was when I submitted my manuscript for a book evaluation by Green Leaf Book Group. They wrote:

Your current title, To Dance with Ugly People, is eye-catching and spirited.
While the title does not clearly establish the overall content of the book (this
is not actually a book about dancing with people who could be called “ugly”),
this supporting content could be communicated with a strong subtitle.

Seriously, who is going the write about Ugly People dancing, unless it is a comedy! I was shocked at first and realized I hadn’t included my Preface. I had a glimmer of suspect that may happen, in the public, so that is why I wrote the Preface. I had a glimmer of suspect that there would be those who did not get the concept of the African Dance Chapter Titles, so I wrote the preface. I will post it at the end of this blog.

But, I finally decided that if that is all they found wrong – I’ll take it. They wrote:

Content: To Dance with Ugly People balances the three major types of conflict
(man vs. man, man vs. self, and man vs. society) very well.

Structure : Strategic use of letters, emails, or directed text (as is the case here,
when each To Whom It May Concern is not necessarily a letter sent to a character)
are a good way to show the passage of time within a text

Platform and Market: Obvious audiences include readers of New Adult fiction and African-American readers, primarily females, w omen’s fiction, and coming of age markets.

The following is the Preface to, “To Dance with Ugly People.”
“This novel is the book in which I was able to express a new divine awareness. I realized I had experienced a lot in life that had left me strewn and unsettled, the book brought about the resurgence of a strong feeling of cohesion. In this book I have tried to present some of the elementary principles of human nature that can be outside of perceiving but not outside of holding dear, I call it “Ugly People.” For example, the violence of feelings, the slave of passion; and the dark tyranny of despair. My life might not have been full of ease and luxury; but I preferred to glorify my existence, as I lived it, enticed by the wealth of experiences placed in my path. Watching the world around me I became interested in Fate. Stories, of the sudden deaths of the rich and famous awakened even more trains of thought on Destiny. We strive to travel, what we think, are the right paths in life but does destiny have to have the final say? Or, is fate everywhere we are, involved in everything we do and not only just an end result? What do you think? On, that same note I would answer, “Yes, it does!” and so this book was born. I could feel my heart glow with excitement and enthusiasm as I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.” – Lorene Stunson Hill –

“This novel does not deal directly with Africa; instead it uses the Art of African Dance as a beautiful premise for this author’s fiction novel. An African Dance is used as the Title of each chapter. I love African Dance and chose to do so to honor my heritage and to place the musing of life into deeper dimensions. In its usage and content – a definition listed after each Title – every dance is both treated as a theme and used as a dramatization to bring forth an enchantment of visual images on a non literal basis, to highlight the drama (Dance) of each stage of my protagonist life. The chapters may seem, to some, to show a bleak interpretation of the dance, if taken too literal, but is not the true intention of this author. The characterization of each chapter is not a representation of the actual Artful meaning of each of the African Dances depicted. – Lorene Stunson Hill –

In conclusion, Please enjoy, “To Dance with Ugly People,” and get to know “Niecy.” What would you do if your drunken husband embarrassed you in front of all of your co-workers at your own Tupperware Party? What would you do if your new man beat you all the way home from the grocery store you’d just walked to, with neighbors standing on the porch watching? With her as the lead character, of, “Ugly People Can’t Dance,” would you change the Title? Let’s talk!


Gue-Pelou – Tall Mask. – Mediate between the world of the living and the spiritual world – Chapter Fifteen

We have reached the last Chapter of, “To Damce with Ugly People,” – Chapter Fifteen. Dani Marie Dobson Ransom has had to wear a Tall Mask of hope and despair all of her life and in Chapter Fifteen who will hold her hand as she makes her decisions. Will you?

Throughout the book, there are things that happens to Dani and influences her insecurities because of the negative experiences with the color of her skin. On this day. January 19, 2015, Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate. If he had lived he would probably have to reiterate his statement “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” – to his own people! Why?

The reason why: This “keeps coming up” because we do not properly discuss it. People still can’t talk about it without tears in their eyes, so it’s STILL worth analyzing. Colorism isn’t the biggest problem among African Americans and Society but it IS a problem.
On this MLK Day, January 19, 2015, Oprah’s OWN NETWORK will air the Documentary, ‘Light Girls’ which dives deep into the discussion of skin color, preference, privilege, pain and prejudice. To be fair the Documentary ‘Dark Girls’ aired Sunday, June 23, 2013 on Oprah’s OWN NETWORK.
I’ve read that colorism is in most countries, yet basically in America it began with slavery. Throughout the numerous years the lightest-skinned peoples had the highest social status, for instance working inside the Master’s house in lieu of picking cotton in the fields.

I grew up not feeling black enough. I felt I had to constantly prove my “blackness” to people, in order to get along. I wore dark pancake makeup on my face, not knowing I also needed to spread it to my pale neck. – I looked like a clown. I tried to die my hair darker – It fell out. I grew tired of doing it. I experienced more “in your face” prejudice from my own than from white people. “Oh you bougie red bone” “Oh you think you better because you are light skinned” comments without them even knowing me.

It’s the acknowledgement of our diversity within the Black race that is important to me. We are a rainbow. A beautiful variety of all kinds of shades of color. I love it! But, I was raised to be aware of a person liking me or picking me for anything because of my “skin tone.” My Step Mother remained bitterly entrenched,” Don’t think you’re better because you have light skin and long hair!”

Share a “Light Girls,” experiences in, “To Dance with Ugly People.” Pick up a copy! What did you experience? Write me at: I’d love to hear from you.

Lorene Stunson Hill –

To Run Screaming

Kpanlongo – Invitation Dance. – Recreational life cycle. – Chapter Fourteen

The first line, of the first letter, in Chapter Fourteen of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” is “My life had become a blur.” Has life ever sent you an invitation to which you sway in it, sort of numb, yet looking forward to meeting certain needs or dreams? In Chapter Fourteen Dani runs screaming towards her needs and dreams, sometime just wanting to give up.

I met Catherine recently, who lives among “the rolling hills and green, green grass” of Kentucky and our conversation brought back memories of my spending Summer’s in the “Bluegrass State.” I told her, she’d inspired me to write this blog.

Four siblings and I, were sent to Aunt Lillian’s, in Kentucky, every Summer for many years. I am the oldest and was supposed to be the bravest. I am sure my parents were glad to get rid of us. But, I didn’t relish the thought, at the time. Aunt Lillian had a farm. I was a City Girl. All of that dirt, animals, bugs and smells weren’t very appealing to me.

Every night a big round tub was dragged into the kitchen and filled with water and everybody washed the grime of the day off in the same bath water. The outhouse was outside so, at night, there was a bucket beside your bed and every morning, it was your duty to dispose of the waste and clean your bucket. I don’t remember any television watching, board game playing or toys. We were sent outside to entertain ourselves all day, after breakfast had been served.

We would hear our names called for lunch, in which, we would come running and were handed sandwiches and pushed right back outside to sit on benches and eat. The next time we would be allowed in the house, each day, to sit at the table, was our evening supper. I must tell you it was the best food ever! The freshest vegetables, fruits, baked goods and meats in the world – at least to me. Yet, one day, I witnessed a chicken getting its neck wrung and nearly choked when I saw fried chicken on the dinner table that night. I couldn’t eat chicken for years! Thank GOD Aunt Lillian always served three different types of meats at breakfast and supper.

Now, I sought recreation, my best friend – in Kentucky that is – lived across a bridge. A wooden and roped bridge. That bridge swayed from side to side and rocked back and forth as you walked across it grasping the roped sides with a white knuckled grip. Below it was a stream of water and rocks. I was sure I’d fall to my death. That bridge terrified me! I would stand on the edge of it and stare at my friends house on the other side, dying to get across that bridge and have fun! How did I solve it – if she didn’t visit me first – I’d run across the bridge screaming until I got to the other side.

Back at the farm, the outhouse was positioned to where you had to unlock a fence and walk through flocks of chickens to get to it. I swear those chickens chased me! We weren’t allowed back into the house to use our buckets, so I’d wait until going to restroom was an emergency and run screaming through those chickens. Sitting on the fence was a mean old Rooster.

Everyday at lunch that Rooster would chase me around the yard for my sandwich. I would run screaming, while my sibling rolled with laughter. I never ate my lunch – I always ended up throwing it to that ugly old Rooster, who proudly gobbled it up and went on his way. I spent those Summers running screaming towards my needs and dreams, sometime just wanting to give up, but I loved Aunt Lillian dearly!

What is Dani running towards? What makes her scream? Get your copy of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” TODAY!

Lorene Stunson Hill –


Sikyi – Express Oneself in Courtship. – Courtship and sexual encounters. – Chapter Thirteen

My father was very superstitious. Everything you can think of, that falls under the heading of Superstition, frightened him. I grew up ordered to sit on the couch and barely move every Friday the 13th because he was so frightened something “Bad” would happen to one of us. So, most of you know that the number 13 is not a favorite among the superstitious. In my Chapter Thirteen (13) of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” I take you through an experience Dani had with a Psychic/Fortune Teller.
Yesterday, I was watching an episode of TMZ, in case you are not familiar, it is a celebrity news website and television show. They were reporting the fact that former cast members, Scott Wilson and Michael Rooker, of “The Walking Dead,” were at an event in New Orleans and both happened up on the famous Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo in the French Quarter. I also read a blurb on the Internet, “According to our sources, Wilson eyed some of the soft core voodoo dolls — none of the hardcore evil spell stuff – and Rooker checked out two dolls used for protection and good luck. In the end, they both chickened out … and Wilson only bought a cigar.”

TMZ’s report was a little different – They reported that the Actor’s actually purchased the voodoo dolls. I laughed as the shows host and producer, Harvey Levin, stood there wide eyed and looking really frightened, “You don’t think Voodoo is real, do you?” He said. “I hope not! Let’s move on, I don’t want to give the public any ideas.” It got me to thinking, again!

While married to my second husband, he had a sister, whom I was told, in whispers, by his brother’s wife, was a Witch. The family seemed to resent the only two marriages that existed among the 6+ siblings. So, the bearer of the alleged secret and I were on a proverbial hit list. The whisperer warned me of the small bundles of herbs, concoctions and smelly rags I would find lying outside of my residence and often my husband and I would walk outside and spot one. He’d pick it up, peel at it, take a sniff and throw it as far as he could pitch. I didn’t believe – I am protected by the blood of Jesus!

But, years later, the Witch drove my then ex-husband over to see me. She excused herself to the bathroom and I had flashbacks of whispers, “Do not allow her into your bathroom, because she will get hair from your hair brush and use it!” I felt panicked, but the Witch exited the bathroom and walked out the front door. She returned two hours later to pick her brother up, laughing hysterically but refusing to tell me what was so funny. I never saw my ex-husband again.

The next morning, as I drove my son to school, before work – My engine blew. The car was totaled. Over the next few weeks, my eye lashes and eyebrows fell out and my hair began to fall out, too. Everything I ate tasted like salt and every shower I took felt like I was being pelted with tiny pebbles. Depression rushed in on me like a dark shadow – I had thoughts of suicide. I needed to get another car and finances weren’t good, so I decided to sell my house full of nice furniture that I’d accumulated over our 13 year marriage. Did you hear me? – I was married to him 13 years!

I ran ads in the local newspaper, and slowly but surely my furniture began to sell. One night I answered the telephone and the most angelic female voice said, “God has sent me to help you.” I said, “What?!” She answered, “God led me to your ad in the newspaper and asked me to call you.” The angel continued to describe everything I was experiencing, my suicidal thoughts and my hair loss. “Can you come see me,” she asked. I was driving down the street that night in my newly purchased used car.

I arrived at a White house, was greeted by a lady dressed in all White and escorted into a house decorated in White. The curtains, the furniture, the color of the walls, the bed spreads and rugs – everything was White. I spent several months visiting her. There was a lot of praying, anointing, candle lighting and often I was sent home with trinkets of protection. I was to take only baths and told what to put into the bath water. The most shocking thing was the night she asked me to bring a photo album. She sat and patiently looked through my photo album – and pointed to – The Witch! I stopped breathing for a second as she pointed right to my ex sister-in-law! “That’s her,” she said, “and we will stop her.”

It took time, but my life returned back to normal – My hair grew back, I was able to eat and taste food and take showers. My mental state improved. All I could think was, “I am blessed!”

Am I telling you a tall tale in an attempt to scare you? Am I telling you the truth? Have you a tale of the Supernatural to tell? What do you think of Dani’s experiences in, “To Dance with Ugly People,” – Chapter Thirteen (13)?” Read it, write me:


Bademalor – Dance after a hard day’s work. – Wanting to celebrate. – Chapter Twelve

In Chapter Twelve of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” Dani experiences the J.O.B. = Joy Of Bonding. She finds employment in a city new to her and develops real friendships. Friendships being very important to a young lady whose felt she’d spent most of her life on the outside looking in. Writing this, I was flooded with the memories of the best place I ever worked – Kemper Insurance, Orlando, Florida.

What a cast of characters! I was employed there from September 1977 until April 1999 – I loved it! In my mind, I would never leave – Probably die of old age, sitting at my desk. I met a group of the most amazing women and men there, and am in touch with many of them today. We bonded emotionally and socially through monthly outings such as bowling, movies, dinner theaters, etc. But, unable to generate premium income from the issuance of new policies, the company collapsed. One of the most devastating days of my life was the day I was laid off! I was numb.

My car broke down and I had no money to fix it, so after what seemed like an endless bus ride I stumbled into the Unemployment Office. A sheet of paper was shoved at me giving the dates and times they handle new cases and I was sent on my way. I had called first, why didn’t they tell me that on the telephone? I cried all the way home!

Well the big day arrived. I was going to apply for Unemployment for the first time in my life. I had to convince myself that I deserved it – after all, I’d worked since 1966 as a File Clerk after my High School Classes as part of an In-School Youth Work Program and at National Bank of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, after Graduation.

To make myself clear, I found the Florida Unemployment Office to be one of the most unpleasant places I’d ever visited (The worst place being the Michigan Welfare Office).

I was placed from desk to desk to sit with eye rolling, surly, teeth sucking, acting like they didn’t want to be there women I’d ever met! And, they definitely didn’t want us – the Unemployment Recipient – there. We were herded in groups from one room to the next and then to a row of telephones to call in our claims. Lastly, we were shut in a room and advised of the Hell Fire and Damnation that would come crashing down on us if we should ever lie on a Claim! I cried all the way home!

Every time I had to visit the place, I cried all the way home! I began to pray. “Lord, if you would get me out of this and Bless Me with a Job, I promise you I will never treat people the way I am being treated by that Unemployment Office. Amen!” It took me Eight (8) months to find work and I had run out of Unemployment. I admit several months was spent at my son’s bedside after a major surgery. I finally got a call for an interview to work at The One Stop Career Center, Deland, Florida. I had no idea what a One Stop Career Center was nor what position I was interviewing for – I ran to my interview!

I got a job running the Front Desk and answering the phones, January, 2000. And guess what is done at a One Stop Career Center? It had become the place for submitting Applications for Unemployment, Case Management of those receiving “Cash Assistance” from the Welfare Department and Job Search. GOD had to be testing ME!

The young lady who’d preceded me, trained me to be the meanest individual I could imagine – Otherwise. She said, “These people will run all over you.” I’d watch how she treated the clients and I would cringe! I was advised to never smile! But, I had made a promise to GOD! She and I had many disagreements, believe me. She said I’d never make it at the Front Desk. I smiled. I used a kind, gentle and caring tone of voice – because I did care. I gave out hugs, dried tears, came around the desk to hold hands, helped those struggling to fill out paperwork and even sat on the floor and held a woman’s head in my lap who’d passed out. Everyone called me – Miss Lorene!

My reputation as a kind woman was known far and wide. Every December, I was awarded a Certificate for working “Above and Beyond,” with a cash reward. To this day I can be driving down the street and hear someone shout, “Miss Lorene.” Believe me, the public did test me! Punctuality is key and those arriving late were not allowed into certain meetings they were required to attend. Ignoring me and busting up into the meeting anyway, they would find me right behind them dragging them OUT! The stories I could tell would take two more blogs – but I gained RESPECT!

All Dani wanted to do was celebrate a hard day’s work. How? Why? Read, “To Dance with Ugly People.”

Lorene Stunson Hill –

Memories, Reality and Peace

Bohooho – The Joy of Achieving Independence. – The new life envisaged. – Chapter Eleven
In Chapter Eleven of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” Dani dreams of a “new life envisaged.” As we all do, when envisioning a new beginning, we reflect on the past. Dani reflects on several memories, perhaps to bring you, the reader, closer to her. Does it?

Memories: I’d like to reflect on something I have spoken of in the past, in hopes to bring you, the reader, closer to me. I guess as a writer, I have my own “Peace.” I live life as peacefully as I can, even when in the eyes of others, my existence is anything but peaceful.

If you’ve read an interview I’ve given it is very likely I mentioned the Putnam Hotel in Deland, Florida. It is and old relic of a hotel known to be haunted. It has been shut down for a couple of years, but when driving by I find myself staring at it, sitting there abandoned and alone.

At one time, residents moved in and out on a regular basis. Rent was due daily, weekly or monthly which resulted in a large revolving door of new people. The two bars on the ground floor kept the Parking Lots full on the weekends. The regulars, people like me, who resided there three years, got to casually know each other. I lived in Apartment 313 (Labeled the most haunted room in the hotel).

The RIP HUNTERS: “Investigated the Putnam Hotel in July 2011 and we had a huge amount of activity there. I took my team of 6 people to the first session in room 313 and I set up the equipment on the floor and I also sat on the floor and sat my team in chairs in a half circle towards me.”

I had a one bedroom with a sleeper sofa in the living room and a small kitchenette. It was better than most kitchenettes as it had a full sized stove and refrigerator.

Reality: Yes, the Putnam was ransacked with drug dealers, drug addicts and various amounts of people with criminal records. Apartments, were broke into, children where taken by Child Protective Services and drunks staggered all over the place. The arguments were loud. The rooms were worn out. The carpet old and smelly, the curtains, dry rotting and the paint peeling off walls. The elevator was frightening, breaking down at least once a day, and every time I got on it I prayed to the Good Lord that I would arrive upstairs or downstairs safely. To most, the place was so disgusting, they wouldn’t even visit me.

It was hard to sleep, at night, because the bars downstairs had bands or music playing nightly, so loud, the floors thumped, the walls vibrated and the sounds from below where unbelievable. I wasn’t the type to sit around downstairs or drag a chair out into the hallways as so many others did. I stayed locked up in my room. I stayed to myself and ventured out only when it was necessary to get new provisions or allow my grandson a little sunshine.

I stayed in touch with the outside world using Face book on a Cell Phone.

Peace: I awakened each day and posted on Face book. I posted on Face book several times a day. I described the beautiful sounds of the birds singing in the trees outside my window. I wanted others to hear the melody of my Grandson’s laugh, and he laughed often. I spread the gently breeze of sitting in the park across the street, watching my Grandson play out to my readers. I wrote, “To Dance with Ugly People.” I hoped I’d reach my Facebook Family and Fans by trying to get to know them. What is your favorite color? What would you do if? Where would you live if you could?
I was under constant attack, by family members! I was labeled fake. Told to get a life. I was told I do not face reality. I was called phony. I mean it seemed everything I posted sent a certain group of people into a rage. Multiple people lined up to attack, loudly making it clear I lived at the Putnam with all those drug addicts, etc., etc. for their own ego and proof of my supposedly “ignorance,” and for all others on Face book who did not know that – to read. After living in my car, living in public housing – sleeping on the floor, and knowing what it is like to live in one room flea bag motel – The Putnam was Luxury! I cried a lot. It hurt, but I remained in my own “Peace.” I remain in that peace, In hopes, to gain new readers and, in hopes, you get to know me a little bit better!

My Protagonist, Dani, cried a lot, but continued on her own path towards, “Peace.” I would be honored to have you, dear reader, enjoy, “To Dance with Ugly People,” and contact me Let’s discuss, your “Peace.”

Lucky Foods for the New Year

Fume Fume – Altered Consciousness. – Change in life cycle. – Chapter Ten

We all will, sooner or later, find ourselves having to make the hardest decisions of our life. Dani found it hard to make the decisions she had to make, in Chapter Ten, “To Dance with Ugly People,” but her altered consciousness pushed her into the direction of making a change in her life. Dani wanted to forget the past and make a clean start.

My Friend and Fellow Author with Lock Publishing, Jenny Dunbar posted a Recipe and it gave me an idea. I want to offer you the chance to push in the direction of making a change to your menu for, January 1 2016. Join in the tradition of eating lucky foods on the first day of the New Year 2016.

But instead of leaving everything up to fate, why not enjoy a meal to increase your good fortune? There are a variety of foods that are believed to be lucky and to improve the odds that next year will be a great one. Traditions vary from culture to culture, but there are striking similarities in what’s on the table. I grew up eating:

Collard Greens
Their green leaves look like folded money, and are thus symbolic of economic fortune.
The custom of eating pork on New Year’s is based on the idea that pigs symbolize progress.
Black-Eyed Peas
Peas are also symbolic of money. Their small, seed like appearance resembles coins that swell when cooked so they are consumed with financial rewards in mind.

Round Pan of Corn Bread
Round is the shape you want for the new year.

Southern-Style Collard Greens
12 hickory-smoked bacon slices, finely chopped
2 medium-size sweet onions, finely chopped
3/4 pound smoked ham, chopped
6 garlic cloves, finely chopped
3 (32-oz.) containers chicken broth
3 (1-lb.) packages fresh collard greens, washed and trimmed
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon pepper
1. Cook bacon in a 10-qt. stockpot over medium heat 10 to 12 minutes or until almost crisp. Add onion, and saute 8 minutes; add ham and garlic, and saute 1 minute. Stir in broth and remaining ingredients. Cook 2 hours or to desired degree of tenderness.

Fresh Black-Eyed Peas With Bacon
1 1/2 pounds fresh black-eyed peas, rinsed, drained
8 to 12 ounces bacon, diced
Leftover diced ham and/or a ham bone or ham hocks, if ya got it
2 bay leaves
Additional water or chicken broth or stock, if needed
1 1/2 cups chopped onion
1 cup chopped red and green bell pepper
1 clove garlic, minced
1 1/2 cups water
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
In a tall stockpot cook the bacon until done but not crisp; add the onion, bell pepper, to the rendered bacon fat and cook just until tender. Add the garlic and cook another minute or so. If you have some leftover ham, add it here also and cook it until browned. Toss the peas in the pot and sort of stir fry them with the veggies for a bit. Then slowly begin adding the hot water, stirring in as you do, and bring it up to a full boil.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ham bone, stick it in there after you add the water but before you add the peas, reduce heat to medium and allow the ham bone to cook by itself for about an hour to deepen the stock. Once that cooks (or if you don’t happen to have a ham bone) go ahead and just add the dried peas, salt, pepper, and bay leaves. Then bring it all to a boil.

Reduce to a medium simmer and partially cover, cooking for about 1 to 1-1/2 hours or until peas are tender and creamy. Add additional chicken stock or water only if necessary to slightly thin out.

Moist Southern Cornbread
1 1/2 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups cornmeal, sifted before measuring
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs
1 cup buttermilk
2 cups whole milk, divided
Preheat oven to 350°.
Put the butter in a 9-inch round cast iron skillet and heat in the oven or on the stove top until the pan is hot and the butter is melted but not browned.
Meanwhile, sift the flour, cornmeal, baking soda, baking powder, and salt into a mixing bowl. Whisk together the eggs, buttermilk, and and 1 cup of the whole milk. Stir into the dry ingredients until well blended.
Pour the batter into the hot pan. Carefully pour the remaining 1 cup whole milk evenly over the top of the batter; do not stir. Place the skillet in the oven and bake for about 45 to 50 minutes, or until cornbread is set and baked through.

Instead of leaving everything up to fate, Dani made a move, was it the right one? Get your copy and find out today!

– Lorene Stunson Hill –

If the Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach, What is the Best Way To A Woman’s Heart?

Babasiko – Proposal of Intimacy. – Flirtatious theatrical and elegant. – Chapter Nine

Well, certainly in Chapter Nine of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” you will experience delightful, theatrical, elegant and flirtatious Proposals of Intimacy! But, how does one get there? Is the secret in the question the following clichés proposes: “If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, what is the best way to a woman’s heart?”

Care to answer that question? Got any ideas? OK, I’ll give you my answer in a short story about my life. “If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, what is the best way to a woman’s heart? Answer: Is through her children.

After my first divorce, my son was only nine months old. Any Proposals of Intimacy fell under that old cliché. I found it hard to date unless the man adored my child. My choices were entirely based on their interaction with my son. If they asked me to seek out a baby sitter too often – They were out. If they ignored him entirely – They were out. If my son reacted negatively towards them – They were out. Needless to say, I spent many years alone!

It took me 10 years to remarry. He bent to his knees to shoot rubber arrows at paper targets, he pushed cars along the floor and taught my son wrestling moves. Every date, we had, involved the three of us. We never left my son with a babysitter. As far as the other side of the cliché – I am a great cook! He beat us all to the kitchen table!

Of course, I married him quickly, within 2 month of meeting him. In my eyes he was the perfect father. Declaring himself unable to have kids, my second son was born. Swearing he’d never been married, I was his third wife. Pretending to be a Social Drinker, a pint of Vodka was always stuck in his sock, another inside the toilet tank, a few hidden inside the pockets of his suit jackets hanging in the closet and often a couple hidden under the couch cushions. Tired of his Alcoholism, I walked away.

Read Chapter Nine, “To Dance with Ugly People,” and see if Dani Ransom ran into any roadblocks during her Babasiko – Proposal of Intimacy. – Flirtatious theatrical and elegant. You may fall in Love.