Memories, Reality and Peace

Bohooho – The Joy of Achieving Independence. – The new life envisaged. – Chapter Eleven
In Chapter Eleven of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” Dani dreams of a “new life envisaged.” As we all do, when envisioning a new beginning, we reflect on the past. Dani reflects on several memories, perhaps to bring you, the reader, closer to her. Does it?

Memories: I’d like to reflect on something I have spoken of in the past, in hopes to bring you, the reader, closer to me. I guess as a writer, I have my own “Peace.” I live life as peacefully as I can, even when in the eyes of others, my existence is anything but peaceful.

If you’ve read an interview I’ve given it is very likely I mentioned the Putnam Hotel in Deland, Florida. It is and old relic of a hotel known to be haunted. It has been shut down for a couple of years, but when driving by I find myself staring at it, sitting there abandoned and alone.

At one time, residents moved in and out on a regular basis. Rent was due daily, weekly or monthly which resulted in a large revolving door of new people. The two bars on the ground floor kept the Parking Lots full on the weekends. The regulars, people like me, who resided there three years, got to casually know each other. I lived in Apartment 313 (Labeled the most haunted room in the hotel).

The RIP HUNTERS: “Investigated the Putnam Hotel in July 2011 and we had a huge amount of activity there. I took my team of 6 people to the first session in room 313 and I set up the equipment on the floor and I also sat on the floor and sat my team in chairs in a half circle towards me.”

I had a one bedroom with a sleeper sofa in the living room and a small kitchenette. It was better than most kitchenettes as it had a full sized stove and refrigerator.

Reality: Yes, the Putnam was ransacked with drug dealers, drug addicts and various amounts of people with criminal records. Apartments, were broke into, children where taken by Child Protective Services and drunks staggered all over the place. The arguments were loud. The rooms were worn out. The carpet old and smelly, the curtains, dry rotting and the paint peeling off walls. The elevator was frightening, breaking down at least once a day, and every time I got on it I prayed to the Good Lord that I would arrive upstairs or downstairs safely. To most, the place was so disgusting, they wouldn’t even visit me.

It was hard to sleep, at night, because the bars downstairs had bands or music playing nightly, so loud, the floors thumped, the walls vibrated and the sounds from below where unbelievable. I wasn’t the type to sit around downstairs or drag a chair out into the hallways as so many others did. I stayed locked up in my room. I stayed to myself and ventured out only when it was necessary to get new provisions or allow my grandson a little sunshine.

I stayed in touch with the outside world using Face book on a Cell Phone.

Peace: I awakened each day and posted on Face book. I posted on Face book several times a day. I described the beautiful sounds of the birds singing in the trees outside my window. I wanted others to hear the melody of my Grandson’s laugh, and he laughed often. I spread the gently breeze of sitting in the park across the street, watching my Grandson play out to my readers. I wrote, “To Dance with Ugly People.” I hoped I’d reach my Facebook Family and Fans by trying to get to know them. What is your favorite color? What would you do if? Where would you live if you could?
I was under constant attack, by family members! I was labeled fake. Told to get a life. I was told I do not face reality. I was called phony. I mean it seemed everything I posted sent a certain group of people into a rage. Multiple people lined up to attack, loudly making it clear I lived at the Putnam with all those drug addicts, etc., etc. for their own ego and proof of my supposedly “ignorance,” and for all others on Face book who did not know that – to read. After living in my car, living in public housing – sleeping on the floor, and knowing what it is like to live in one room flea bag motel – The Putnam was Luxury! I cried a lot. It hurt, but I remained in my own “Peace.” I remain in that peace, In hopes, to gain new readers and, in hopes, you get to know me a little bit better!

My Protagonist, Dani, cried a lot, but continued on her own path towards, “Peace.” I would be honored to have you, dear reader, enjoy, “To Dance with Ugly People,” and contact me Let’s discuss, your “Peace.”


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