Sikyi – Express Oneself in Courtship. – Courtship and sexual encounters. – Chapter Thirteen

My father was very superstitious. Everything you can think of, that falls under the heading of Superstition, frightened him. I grew up ordered to sit on the couch and barely move every Friday the 13th because he was so frightened something “Bad” would happen to one of us. So, most of you know that the number 13 is not a favorite among the superstitious. In my Chapter Thirteen (13) of, “To Dance with Ugly People,” I take you through an experience Dani had with a Psychic/Fortune Teller.
Yesterday, I was watching an episode of TMZ, in case you are not familiar, it is a celebrity news website and television show. They were reporting the fact that former cast members, Scott Wilson and Michael Rooker, of “The Walking Dead,” were at an event in New Orleans and both happened up on the famous Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo in the French Quarter. I also read a blurb on the Internet, “According to our sources, Wilson eyed some of the soft core voodoo dolls — none of the hardcore evil spell stuff – and Rooker checked out two dolls used for protection and good luck. In the end, they both chickened out … and Wilson only bought a cigar.”

TMZ’s report was a little different – They reported that the Actor’s actually purchased the voodoo dolls. I laughed as the shows host and producer, Harvey Levin, stood there wide eyed and looking really frightened, “You don’t think Voodoo is real, do you?” He said. “I hope not! Let’s move on, I don’t want to give the public any ideas.” It got me to thinking, again!

While married to my second husband, he had a sister, whom I was told, in whispers, by his brother’s wife, was a Witch. The family seemed to resent the only two marriages that existed among the 6+ siblings. So, the bearer of the alleged secret and I were on a proverbial hit list. The whisperer warned me of the small bundles of herbs, concoctions and smelly rags I would find lying outside of my residence and often my husband and I would walk outside and spot one. He’d pick it up, peel at it, take a sniff and throw it as far as he could pitch. I didn’t believe – I am protected by the blood of Jesus!

But, years later, the Witch drove my then ex-husband over to see me. She excused herself to the bathroom and I had flashbacks of whispers, “Do not allow her into your bathroom, because she will get hair from your hair brush and use it!” I felt panicked, but the Witch exited the bathroom and walked out the front door. She returned two hours later to pick her brother up, laughing hysterically but refusing to tell me what was so funny. I never saw my ex-husband again.

The next morning, as I drove my son to school, before work – My engine blew. The car was totaled. Over the next few weeks, my eye lashes and eyebrows fell out and my hair began to fall out, too. Everything I ate tasted like salt and every shower I took felt like I was being pelted with tiny pebbles. Depression rushed in on me like a dark shadow – I had thoughts of suicide. I needed to get another car and finances weren’t good, so I decided to sell my house full of nice furniture that I’d accumulated over our 13 year marriage. Did you hear me? – I was married to him 13 years!

I ran ads in the local newspaper, and slowly but surely my furniture began to sell. One night I answered the telephone and the most angelic female voice said, “God has sent me to help you.” I said, “What?!” She answered, “God led me to your ad in the newspaper and asked me to call you.” The angel continued to describe everything I was experiencing, my suicidal thoughts and my hair loss. “Can you come see me,” she asked. I was driving down the street that night in my newly purchased used car.

I arrived at a White house, was greeted by a lady dressed in all White and escorted into a house decorated in White. The curtains, the furniture, the color of the walls, the bed spreads and rugs – everything was White. I spent several months visiting her. There was a lot of praying, anointing, candle lighting and often I was sent home with trinkets of protection. I was to take only baths and told what to put into the bath water. The most shocking thing was the night she asked me to bring a photo album. She sat and patiently looked through my photo album – and pointed to – The Witch! I stopped breathing for a second as she pointed right to my ex sister-in-law! “That’s her,” she said, “and we will stop her.”

It took time, but my life returned back to normal – My hair grew back, I was able to eat and taste food and take showers. My mental state improved. All I could think was, “I am blessed!”

Am I telling you a tall tale in an attempt to scare you? Am I telling you the truth? Have you a tale of the Supernatural to tell? What do you think of Dani’s experiences in, “To Dance with Ugly People,” – Chapter Thirteen (13)?” Read it, write me: lorenehill63@gmail.com.


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