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I think we all have a beast in us.  I raised my children, that when in bad situations Karma steps in sooner or later to “get” the antagonist.  I wanted their souls to ponder how they could set up circumstances in their life to teach the beast part of themselves not to behave in such a negative way.  You know, the bad behaviors that are designed to teach a young man his hard lessons.  I knew they would not escape future consequences or the lessons empowering them to transform their own cruel patterns, through GOD’s grace.  I just wanted to raise them able to transform their own beastly part into understanding that it is not appropriate to abuse others.  They were very young and, of course stared at me with blank faces.  My youngest son, aged 10 at the time, burst into the kitchen, one day after school.

“Mama, mama, I finally know what you mean!”

“About what?”


“What are you talking about?”

The children where in Gym Class.  My son sat next to his best friend on the floor, Indian Style, a young man, who stood 6” over them, with big brawny arms, and a menacing face, ran by and violently slapped my son’s best friend in the back of the head.  He was obviously a nasty character, and ran on past them rapidly, looking back at them over his shoulder, howling with laughter. Suddenly, he cranked his neck to face forward and ran into a wall breaking his nose!  Mama’s wisdom learned!